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Aqiqah Mandiri according Syar’i. Order Aqiqah to all of us to exhibit his or her own self handled. The packet below:

Rp. 1.313.000

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  • 1 Gule pot
  • certificate Aqiqah
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Aqiqah Peduli for you personally message to become shared on the preferred place or amanahkan on We within the orphanage, boarding school, etc.. Magazine: Local Care (Jombang, Mojokerto, Nganjuk, Kediri, vBulletin, Ngawi, Ponorogo, and Madiun) Rp. 1.313.000 and also the National For Aqiqah Mandiri Rp. 1.600.000

The reason why you choose us?

We’re service Aqiqah Sacrifice via online services and fast choices of Alms Infaq Waqf Board and Care Shodaqoh Dhuafa, which often simply known as Concerned Dhuafa. Beginning from Nganjuk, thankfully, now grown in lots of metropolitan areas including Jombang, Kediri, Tulungagung (includes Blitar), Madiun (Includes Magetan) and Ngawi.

EASY Methods To ORDER Aqiqah / Sacrifice, the following:

  • Perhaps you have telephone us, we’ll provide a more in depth explanation.
  • Or it might Reveal via SMS or e-mail: Child Title, Place and birth date, title of Mr. & Mrs., Date aqiqah query execution, delivery address you Aqiqah report.
  • Change in funds towards the institution account number (an Cares Dhuafa).
  • Confirm to all of us if this transfers.
  • Based on the date agreed, will aqiqah We implemented.
  • H 3 report We send by publish towards the address specified.
  • Reviews arrived at Shohibul aqiqah (approximate H 5 and so forth, record if Aqiqah report was received or otherwise until at the place)

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Learn a life from a Caterpillar

Learn a life from a CaterpillarFor a fan of the crop or who has a hobby gardening often find the frustrating, where the leaves of young growing fresh,

be are out of order and broken-broken not even out and stay the stems. It was after we noticed there were animals that are usually coloured green, sehijau foliage for you to flase, the animal was a caterpillar.
caterpillar leaf

Caterpillar is one of the very greedy in gobble with the green foliage of plants that we hold dear. The rage a very when we met
plant a favorite we’ve been up dedaunannya, even just a twig-a twig. Sad and angry it’s because we work for feels terampas
so just because it was the caterpillar.

Behind piqué and the rage, have we ever tried to see or a little stunned mengernyitkan forehead based on when the caterpillar is or
instead we kill him to vent piqué heart, setega is that?

Results inflicted by this the caterpillar was very impressive when compared with the form of the caterpillar of the weak and soft body.

Seen from the result generated, then we can say that the character of the caterpillar is a hard worker in menggunduli foliage plants we,

it’s like they like being pursued by a deadline and have to rush to finish. The results are very upsetting one for us, which is a plant that
bald in a relatively short time and once again really impressive.

In fulfilling the mission of the caterpillar don’t let a little bit of time wasted. The caterpillar to a stop when he arrived at the appointed where he should be
stop eating the way to get in shape fast hard. Fast a very strict no food no drink at all, in lingkupan
cocoons are narrow and dark.
caterpillar leaf

In the cocoon this happens an event is quite amazing, the age where going on the transformation from a caterpillar something to be
the butterflies are lovely and beautiful admired man. The butterflies are born as if into a new, who had the realization and
behavior is new and completely changed.

Should we let just a event that was very beautiful and impressive, of course not. Actually we should be ashamed if you see a tell
caterpillar is a hard worker. Caterpillar as if don’t have time terluang and wasted a bit. The time available is very valuable
for maggots to fatten the body as a preparation to a situation where the required energy big that is the cocoon, as if being chased-

after by a deadline so that the caterpillar never rest ejenakpun to continue to devour the leaves.
Berpacunya the caterpillar with the time, it caused the caterpillar has to have a purpose so clear and obvious that gathering all the
the potential is there to face the one moment that is very critical is the cocoon, where in the cocoon the needed preparations that
prime. It comes from the cocoon is a keniscayaan, then the caterpillar prepare with hard work to deal with it.

A prepare yourself with the hard work done also in animals that are experiencing winter.Where to face the hard times in winter
cold, many animals do hibernate during winter in caves or liang-liang, so that spared from ganasnya winter. To body stay
warm and tersedianya energy then before on the eve of winter, those animals will accumulate fat as much as we can inside the body,
to wear as your in bed long.

Then try our face and are ourselves, is the spirit of that remarkable deserved a caterpillar that has menggunduli foliage, isn’t a period of time
front and it’s a responsibility that weighs we have to bear and keep. But we got carried away and still often like to play games, its rightful fooled
by game very melenakan.

Happy it’s a Choice on our lifes

Happy it's a Choice on our lifes

Once upon a time in Tiongkok, there lived a big general who always win in every battle.
Because of that, he was nicknamed “The General Conqueror” by the people.

Once upon a time, in a battle, he and his squad pinned by an army opponent that many fold more. They escape, but terangsak get to the sidelines. At that time the soldiers of The General are becoming desperate and want to surrender to the enemy.
happy it’s a choice

The General immediately took the initiative, “Alas the entire army, win-lose was predestined by the gods. We will ask the gods, is the day we have to lose or it will win.” I will do a high five with puck luck this! If the side of the picture shows up, we’re going to win. The numbers that show up, we will lose! Let the gods decide!” exclamation The General while throwing kepingnya for a high five.

It turns out the side of the picture shows up! Circumstances that greeted hysterically by the army The General, “a Date?… gods on our side! We must win!!!” With spirit on fire, like crazy they turned menggempur behind the troops to fight. Finally, they really made it ride-langgangkan worthy berlipat-folding number.

At dusk post-victory, a soldier said to The General, “our Victory is predetermined from the sky, gods so good to us.” The General menukas, “Did you anyway?” while throwing pieces of his luck to the soldier. The soldiers checked both sides of the puck, and he can only gawk when find that it turned out the second side is the picture…
happy it’s a choice

Indeed in this life there are many things external that we cannot change; a lot of things happened not according to our will. It is, however, basically and in the end, we still can change the mind or the internal of our own: to be happy or to be happy.

If happy or not happy diidentikkan with good fortune or nasibburuk, so actually our fate isn’t determined by anyone, but by ourselves. End-the end of it, happiness is a choice, be proactive to keep motivating.

“The most proactive thing we can do is ‘be happy’,” said Stephen R. Covey in the book 7 Habits of his.

Times in life we as individuals or groups, will never ever get rid of good times and then replaced
times are tough, that is a certainty, as sure as bergantinya the rainy season disongsong by a drought that memayahkan.
Let us preoccupied even lose with an animal called a caterpillar, who had the etos work is superior and have the pattern look far into
the future
meniti future that with hard work, because a future with trouble and trials that will surely come and visited us, then the preparation
ripe and hard work are able to help us and not idleness and stalling the work.

Prepare Married : The Best Solution !

 Prepare Married The Best Solution

Between the sign of the power of God, is that he’s created a partner-your partner of your kind yourself, so you tend to him. And God made of you feeling secure and affectionate. At such a time there is the sign of the power of God for the people who think.

When it comes the age aqil baligh, then my feelings want to pay attention and be noticed against the kind of so turbulent. A lot of strange feelings and shadows a figure berseliweran like crazy. Sometimes shadows it away, but sometimes it feels so close. Sometimes a young man can be ignorant in the shadows, but sometimes get stuck and become paralyzed. Lonely feeling suddenly lunge to the whole space of the heart. The heart feels sad and life seems hollow. As if what he was doing so in vain. Life isn’t excited. There’s a speck of hope but many point of concern just dominate.

[menyegerakan married]

Feelings are getting erratic when the hope that start led to a opposing kind. Everything she’s done so wrong. Until when does it last? The answer is in youth itself. When he will stop all this. Now, today, tomorrow, or years tomorrow. Got longer effort of the settlement to do the obvious feeling sick and depressed is getting terperikan. Otherwise, the faster / shorter the time the settlement strived, happiness & exciting life soon perceived. Life becomes more meaningless and all that work feels more meaningful, and love will blossom in time.

Progress what does that mean? The wedding! Yes getting married is the solution to stop the various emptiness that continues to whack. Then when? Bilakah iabisa implemented? Soon! Pretty soon here clearly different with rush. To distinguish between immediately with haste, can be seen from two ways:

1. The Sign Of The Heart

A person who has the intention to be sincere, the word Priest Ja’far, is he whose heart is calm, because the heart that is quiet free from thoughts about things that are forbidden, comes from the effort of making the intent pure for Allah in all matters. If menyegerakan get married, because the intent is clear, God willing the heart will feel the sakinah, which is peace of soul when facing the problems that must be solved. We feel sure, despite the hopes & worries covering the chest. Another with haste. The urgency is marked by feeling insecure & heart covered in anxiety hunting. Sometimes, love before marriage is not love actually, it’s just the love of passion.

2. Signs Perumpamaan

Like the people make a porridge pea, there are some necessary materials. The materials most essential are sugar & green beans. If sugar & green beans put water then boil, then will got green beans don’t grow. This is called a rush. If sugar new put after the beans with the green bloom is menyegerakan. But if you forget, don’t immediately put the sugar after the beans with the green bloom long enough people will lose a lot of the nutrients that are important.

Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also

One of the businesses that are quite interesting in etawa goat livestock farming is a business nursery, this goat is capable of producing child 2 times a year. The price of seeds is also quite costly especially for peranakan etawa, in livestock markets in the city I am so ordinary we see a child sold for 400 thousand dollars, it is only reasonable that business is indeed quite promising. If we are interested enough to try a business nursery then it should we need to know the characteristics of the candidate indukan the best, well here are some things to look for when looking to buy a parent would:

Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also


Posture looks Compact with a deep and wide chest, consider a back line as well as the waist if looks straight so the goats yang  di buat untuk aqiqah surabaya murah mempunyai ciriyang sehat untuk di jadikan aqiqah murah surabaya  can be used as the parent would.
Note the posture, has great posture (bones), great posture does not mean fat, and never buy etawa goat dara in an obese because some cases we find the real hard meaty goat showed signs of estrus.

Have a straight Leg as well as his heels high enough.
Note the completeness of teeth, if the tooth is less then it’s certainly fodder for livestock forage consumption process will be tergangu, to make sure enough noticed when the prospective parent to eat grass or forage jiak looks and tastes Nice have heartily against forage the etawa goat then good, one of the traditional way to do this by looking at the most likely the jaw jaw postures in width and averages between top and bottom is the hallmark of a good goat.
The parent has a form of symmetrical swayed between left and right.

Distinctive properties:
Tame and quiet nature is one of the traits of goat embryo stem etawa is good, if it looks pretty aggressive should search for other aggressive goats are generally less well in a nursing child.

Genetic traits

Buy a prospective goat sister descendants of indukan (female-female) due to the nature of this umunya will decrease, we recommend that you avoid buying goat sister lineage of males females (freemartin).
The goat was born quite good also made a single prospective indukan as long as the birth of the young stem.

characteristics of a good parent
Physical properties (behavior) and genetically to be aware of when looking to buy a prospective parent, both on the goats. Because this is a very concerning success in cultivating etawa for production of milk or meat. The third thing that it feels is enough to be a reference in buying or selecting candidate indukan that will produce milk and meat is good. For stud etawa traits may yet we will explain because I think when this Stud good etawa goat can already be replaced with artificial insemination (artificial insemination) where the process is more practical and quality assured.

5 Reasons Why To get Married at a Young Age

Marriage for Muslims is a prayer that has the value high, because in a marriage a lot of prayer can do but it can also be a way dakwah. Begins with an akad known as the ijab and kobul sacred.
5 Reasons Why To get Married at a Young Age
“O young men, whoever among you have been able to then there ought to get married, because he’s more bow sight and more pet balls. And whoever is not able, then there ought to he do fast-food, because he can mengekangnya.” (HR. Bukhari)

Of a of the hadiths the messenger of ordered for his who has been already married to the bersegera in married. Be able referred in the of the hadiths is that which is capable of physically, mentally, and also be able also in the financial well-being. Usually age is ideal for marriage is age 18 to 25 years.

Married at a young age is normal for most people but among people of a certain married young considered it a taboo. When people get married at a young age a lot of suspicion from the public, usually will appear a lot of questions:

“Why’m married young? don’t-don’t have….”
“Want to give the child to eat what? still little was asked to marry…”
“Learn first, find work first let’s established a new married..”

Maybe that’s some of the questions or various reasons concerning the married prostitute at the age of young. Before you decide to get married young, should preach first reason why should married prostitute at the age of young.
Keep Yourself As Well As Menundukan View

One strong reason to get married young is getting free pergaulan teenagers nowadays and the much woman the way berpakaiannya no longer in accordance with a taught religion. It’s difficult to hold this view in the age of now, of course it will be dangerous to the flunky. Dating be the solution is taken to dampen the syahwatnya, so that a relationship without this commitment into a lifestyle young man now.

The thing is that will be a way for the devil to menjerusmuskan human deep kenistaan, so many stuck in the perzinaan. For a muslim of course don’t want things like that don’t you? Therefore married prostitute at the age of young is one of the effort to protect as well as keeping away from a variety of temptation and seduction are fucked in the kenistaan.
Help Acceleration Success Prostitute At The Age Of Young

One of the benefits of getting married is ditambahnya limpahan rezeki from God. It can be seen from most of the people who were successful in the field of-field of a certain married prostitute at the age of early. When married then the motivation and drive for success will increase, especially when there is support from a partner will certainly make it easier to in reaching for the dream.

“And, kawinkanlah people who alone among you, and decent people (berkawin) of the servant-the servant sahayamu the man and the servant-the servant sahayamu the woman. If they are poor, Allah will memampukan them with His blessings. And, God is wide (the gift of His) again The knowing” (Q. S : An-nur : 23)

The young man who has spirit on fire as well as the emotions overflow-luap will be more able to be controlled when married. Apalgi if you have ask you to please giveme a child, would add the energy to move towards success.
More Can Enjoy “Making Love”

One of the favors of a marriage is “making love,” the original bastard, but after marriage allowed to even be a church that has the value of the reward. When a married prostitute at the age of easy will certainly more able to enjoy it because still there’s passion and power is too much, would be far different if do prostitute at the age of has age. Besides when age young women have a uterus is more strong and fertile, so it will enlarge the possibility to have children much.
Time and Energy Quality for Children

One of the purpose of marriage in Islam is to give birth to a generation-that generation sholeh. Generation good sure don’t have to go to school in a place that’s expensive labeled international but the generation that sholeh was born and raised dikeluarga are harmonious and have the time and energy to educate and guide her children.

With a married prostitute at the age of young can give you the best time for children. Other than that prostitute at the age of young can still gain a lot of science like about parenting as well as various science about education of children.
Can Enjoy The Old with Kids who’ve Grown up

The reason last of why should married prostitute at the age of young is able to enjoy a grand old time with children who have grown up. Imagine if married prostitute at the age of 30-40 years old when already entered the age of advanced still have to work hard to pay for school kids. Therefore with a married prostitute at the age of young will make it easier in paying for the needs of the children.

Like What the Prospect of Business Property in Indonesia?

Like What the Prospect of Business Property in Indonesia?

Could You ever have a friend who works at the company property. Actually what the hell good it was to work in property? How the prospect of business property in Indonesia? So the company property in Indonesia and even foreign corporations want to do business property in Indonesia?

Like What the Prospect of Business Property in Indonesia
The economy in Indonesia is stable

Don’t get me wrong, the economy of Indonesia at the time president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s very stable and even tended to increase. When the economy increases, which means economic society in Indonesia is also increasing. This is why many private companies are moving for the property. Even now it’s not just diperkotaan be hunting the company’s property, but also in the area. This also includes naiknya taraf live in the area, because the power is bought the public to the property was also quite high although not as high as in urban settings.

The property is the needs of society

Although including the needs of the primary, but the property yang ada di ponorogo dan kota surabaya mempunyai perumahan dan rumah seperti yang ada di perumahan ponorogo 2015 yang bisa menjadi remains an the needs of the community. Of course people need a place to stay, whether it’s with the middle-up and middle-down. A lot of property in the city worth quite high and even a high. The more strategic place, also the more expensive. This also applies to business property in the area. You must have seen lots of new housing in the area, it is also a prospect of business property in Indonesia

Be investors property

When You have money and You’re confused menginvestasikannya, maybe this is the solution to the investment interesting is that to be investor property. You can buy a house, then You renovate to get the price higher. You can get the advantage to sell or rent out Your property. Not just the house, You could have invested in property for a hotel. When You have land, You can work with a developer to build a hotel or cottage, after that You can split the profit.

The area also includes the business prospects

As it says at the very beginning, the prospect of the business property in Indonesia especially in the area of a land of gold for the company property. Banyakanya land and demand in the area could be a benefit. You can make a house pretty cheap for the area so that the price can achieve anything. Other than that You can make a housing that can be leased. Other than that You need to see an exact location in building property. For example when You want to build housing in the area, make sure area close to public transportation or a public place other. It really helps to raise the price of housing.

Make sure to invest with the developer the right

When You’ve got the prospect of the business property of the South is right, You also have to get the developer right. No way You invest Your money to the developer abal-abal offers high profit. You should see the profile company in depth. Try also You were involved in developing property in the area.

Well Buddy Studentpreneur, You now already know how the business prospects of the property in Indonesia. What do You think? Let’s brainstorm in the comments! You can also get information business young children creative through Facebook or Twitter Studentpreneur

How to prevent colon cancer by early detection

How to prevent colon cancer by early detection | Arguably the disease of colon cancer is a complicated case. Said to be complicated here because in the early stage of the disease is difficult to detect because it is only marked by the growth of cancer cells are not malignant (adenoma). But the growth of its own very fast to adenoma didn’t take long to turn into malignant cancer cells on and off. Therefore, to avoid the condition should be found how to prevent colon cancer at early stages considering it is very hard to do the treatment when entering an advanced stage.How to prevent colon cancer by early detection

How to prevent colon cancer

Symptoms of colon cancer is difficult to detect and make sufferers do treatment efforts when disease travel already entered an advanced stage, in other words the cancer cells had already spread to other tissues of the body. When handling would be much easier if the cancer is found at an early stage so that treatment could be done through surgical curative. Unfortunately this very rarely happens, instead of colon cancer are already found in an advanced stage so the odds are very small for sufferers to survive longer.

Live Odds Of Colon Cancer Patients

In the case of colon cancer can be detected at stage I (early stage) then there is a possibility of 85%-95% of sufferers survive for up to 5 years even more. Whereas if colon cancer is found at stadium II likely 60%-80%. Next if the cancer is found in stage III it is likely around 30%-60%. And if the cancer is found already at stage IV then it is likely to be able to survive 5 years only about 25%. Roughly calculation, for example, there are 100 people suffering from cancer of the colon in stage IV, then chances are that are able to survive up to five years only 5 people.

Causes and symptoms

So far no one can ensure the associated penyebabkanker colon. But if viewed from the condition of the majority of sufferers, there are several things that could potentially cause colon cancer namely the excessive consumption of fatty foods, high-protein food food, overweight (obesity), less consuming fibrous foods, have a history of polyps in the colon, as well as hereditary factors (sufferers came from a family that one of them has ever suffered from colon cancer).

As for the symptoms of colon cancer in General is characterized by bleeding in the colon (feces contain blood), diperut pain, abdomen feels full, diarrhea and constipation for more than 6 weeks. At certain times the cancer cells become the barrier performance of the colon so it appears a variety of symptoms such as pain diperut, constipation that does not heal and the feeling of bloating in the stomach.

Just like other types of cancers, colon cancer is a serious case with a fairly high risk of death. To avoid the possibility of developing cancer of the colon then precautionary measures need to be taken immediately. Although the technology of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is able to cope with the advanced stages of cancer, but the treatment system still could not cure the cancer completely.

How to prevent colon cancer could be preceded by a change in lifestyle and diet. Avoid foods containing a lot of fat, high in protein, high in calories, and the kind of red meat. By contrast consumption of foods rich in folic acid and calcium. Calcium supplements sufferers after undergoing much-needed polepektomi adenoma. Eat fruit and vegetables every day are also important plus vitamin E supplementation and d. Sports regularly or mild physical activity such as brisk walking no less than 30 minutes. Do not forget to maintain a body mass index (STI) at level 18.5 – 25.0 kg/m2 in order to keep the ideal weight.

3 ways to prevent liver cancer

3 ways to prevent liver cancer | There are several types of diseases are indeed difficult to treat, but in principle all diseases can be prevented. This applies to all kinds of diseases, including liver cancer. Cancer of the liver or Liver Cancer is also called the growing cancer of liver cell itself (also known as primary liver cancer). In the case of other liver cancer also occur where cancer of the liver cancer cell growth starts from other body organs like lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and others. The medical term for this type of liver cancer is metastatic cancer (also called secondary liver cancer). In the medical world how to prevent liver cancer generally use 3 different ways i.e. primary prevention, secondary prevention, and prevention of primordial.

3 ways to prevent liver cancer

Prevention Of Primary Liver Cancer

Prevention of liver cancer with primary prevention systems generally performed on those who have been exposed to risk factors for liver cancer so as not to continue into liver cancer. Generally precautions undertaken include:

Administering immunizations as soon as possible on the post-war babies were born. It is aimed so that the Hepatitis B virus can be destroyed mainly on next generation.
Provide socialization and outreach to the community on the dangers of Viral Hepatitis and liver cancer risk dependencies. Thus cases of liver cancer can be avoided by applying the pattern of healthy living.
Do not consume food or beverages that contain alcohol. Alcohol is one trigger increased risks of liver cancer.
Avoid foods that are already stored long enough. The old food stored is susceptible to the fungus Aspergillus Flavus causes liver cancer.
Increase the consumption of foods containing anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are nutrients that are able to fight cancer-causing free radicals.

Read also: causes, symptoms, and how to treat liver cancer

Prevention Of Secondary Liver Cancer

How to prevent liver cancer with secondary prevention is usually performed on those who are already suffering from advanced stages of liver cancer. His goal was to improve the quality of life while also inhibiting the growth of cancer cells progresifitas of the heart, of course with the process of early diagnosis and the right treatment method. Treatment methods for secondary prevention generally through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is an attempt kill cancer cells given to sufferers of the disease through intravenous injection in veins or the use of drugs-shaped tablets.

How to prevent liver cancer

Primordial Prevention Of Liver Cancer

Prevention of liver cancer in a form of primordial prevention in people who have not been exposed to liver cancer even also not yet exposed to the risk factor. The goal so that the liver cancer-causing factors can be avoided so the chances of getting cancer of the liver is very small. As for the prevention of liver cancer in primordial include:

Consuming foods that contain high fiber such as fruits and vegetables and eating food with balanced nutritional value.
Avoid all foods that contain high fat and food and drinks that use preservatives and dyes.
Many are consuming the vitamins A, B complex, C, and e. If necessary add the supplements which are anti-oxidants to improve the immune system.
Applying the pattern of healthy living, sleep at least eight hours a day and not going to bed too night.
Stop smoking. Not only for liver cancer but smoking is a trigger for almost all types of diseases such as lung cancer, skin cancer, cancer of the mouth, and so on. Budayakan healthy life by quitting smoking and avoiding cigarette smoke.

In addition to the points above primordial prevention, how to prevent the most effective liver cancer white water is drinking at least 2 litres (8 cups) per day. White water is the antidote to poisons in the body where the mineral content in it help the detoxification process toxins in the body, so as to avoid various types of diseases, including liver cancer.

Understanding the business property of syariah

In business property might be you will seldom hear the business property of sharia. As you know also in every commercial property either a residential or office, then it will be very rare when shown is means of means of worship.Must have more means of entertainment, sports or facility facility a supporter of the other. In the business property of sharia, then besides the facility of backup as the means of towing an interest in the investors, also the means of worship.Understanding the business property of sharia

Business properties of syariah

Business property of sharia have the understanding that in the business properties to berun also to apply the principle principle of of sharia in all factors or aspects of the business in the area. Everything that covers the business dengan model property syariah terpercaya yang sudah banyak di akui oleh berbagai pihak sebagai model yang menguntungkan namun tetap syar’i applied the principles of the principles of sharia among other products offered, the system transaction of business property, the partner’s partner associated, and also the way the management of the business property. The product applied the principles of sharia has a meaning that is has a products property that has shades of sharia. So the purpose of the business property of sharia is not just to get profit as big as big but also to be able to reach an islamic community. Transaction used in the business property of sharia also constitutes a form of transaction sell buy legitimate and legal. Besides it has also been fulfilling the rules akad akad has been clear to the parties involved. Partner partner associated in the business property of sharia was also a partner partner business to implement the principles of the principles of sharia in running the activities of business. Some of the partners trusted in the field of transactions of sharia among other things is the bank the bank has applied the principles of sharia and also give ease to buyers to mencicil credit.
tips to choose the apartment

Understanding the business property of syariah

Beda bisnis properti syariah dan bisnis properti konvensional

Ever think to choose paint, wallpaper, or wallstiker ? Suppose to design the living room you. Suppose inspiration design wallpaper wall be your choice, here’s some inspiration for the living room.

Don’t shut the possibility of the design used in the living room this be an option one of your family member to his bedroom.

Finally, there’s a new moon. There’s years new. But there’s a message long ago about the hijrah that can’t be forgotten. Form society madani who dirahmati Allah. Then you need to do is enhance the idea, boost the idea, should get caught up in the idea, and plant the idea that beyond the motion step can be done at this time. The development of forces that could begin with the penyadaran and training-training about property for among Muslims widely. When the understanding of property among the Muslims was strong and each individual gather and work together, then hope to create a community of madani strong very likely to materialize through business property mengedepankan principles of sharia

Dropship or a Realtor Online is a model business online

Dropship or a Realtor Online is a model business online with the way work is unique, where we (the dropshipper) to play as the dealer who sells the goods of another person (the supplier). And I think this is an idea business creative is promising enough for Your students, besides because it can be done without capital, business dropship is also terbilang very profitable.ropship or a Realtor Online is a model business online

Dropship or a Realtor Online is a model business online

So you can get success in running a business of dropship, and then You claimed to have a strategy marketing effective as well as looking for products that quickly sold out on the internet so the stuff You sell can be quickly sold, other than that necessary too the media the right to promote the merchandise to You, or more You can read the tips to start business dropship.

5. Business Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply put You can read the as a business recommendation, where the model of this business is not the same with the dropship, neither of the scale nor the procedure / how it works. In business affiliate marketing, what affiliate (pemasar) is to sell a product from the makers of the products that are on the web marketplace like Jvzoo / Clickbank.

Before you start a business affiliate marketing, make sure You already have Ing, because of the business we run is a business with the scale of the international, so the required device payments with the scale of the international anyway. More please You learn here how to start a business affiliate.

6. Craft Plastic Bottle Marks

Idea business creative next is to use stuff around You, for example, is to use plastic bottle of the former for use as decoration and then sell it at a price that you can say not bad or if it has a capital more, You could try to buy the Ecogreen is a tool pengolah garbage plastic to recycled be a HIKE.

Here You’re being sued for turning recycled (plastic former) to be modified into something useful, so it is certain You have to make a team able to think in creative in finding ideas-brilliant idea to create such a thing.

7. Craft Paper Marks

There are various kinds of crafts can You make from paper or, in this case is the newspaper of the former, as for instance is the garbage, place a tissue, the hood lights and still many again the other. The level of success of the business recycle paper marks depend on how creative You are in making crafts.

As I said above, the idea of a business creative that I choose based on some factors of course I adjust for with criteria a student, for example :

From the angle of capital, I choose the business that can be done (almost) without capital
From each competition, I choose a business that’s not too have a lot of competition
Of each time, I chose a business that has hours of work flexible

The third point diataslah underlying me in choosing a business to student and student, so recommendations ideas business creative this I expect really able to give inspiration to the fellows students who want to start a business.