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Aqiqah Mandiri according Syar’i. Order Aqiqah to all of us to exhibit his or her own self handled. The packet below:

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Aqiqah Peduli for you personally message to become shared on the preferred place or amanahkan on We within the orphanage, boarding school, etc.. Magazine: Local Care (Jombang, Mojokerto, Nganjuk, Kediri, Ngawi, Ponorogo, and Madiun) Rp. 1.313.000 and also the National For Aqiqah Mandiri Rp. 1.600.000

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We’re service Aqiqah Sacrifice via online services and fast choices of Alms Infaq Waqf Board and Care Shodaqoh Dhuafa, which often simply known as Concerned Dhuafa. Beginning from Nganjuk, thankfully, now grown in lots of metropolitan areas including Jombang, Kediri, Tulungagung (includes Blitar), Madiun (Includes Magetan) and Ngawi.

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  • Perhaps you have telephone us, we’ll provide a more in depth explanation.
  • Or it might Reveal via SMS or e-mail: Child Title, Place and birth date, title of Mr. & Mrs., Date aqiqah query execution, delivery address you Aqiqah report.
  • Change in funds towards the institution account number (an Cares Dhuafa).
  • Confirm to all of us if this transfers.
  • Based on the date agreed, will aqiqah We implemented.
  • H 3 report We send by publish towards the address specified.
  • Reviews arrived at Shohibul aqiqah (approximate H 5 and so forth, record if Aqiqah report was received or otherwise until at the place)

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Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also

One of the businesses that are quite interesting in etawa goat livestock farming is a business nursery, this goat is capable of producing child 2 times a year. The price of seeds is also quite costly especially for peranakan etawa, in livestock markets in the city I am so ordinary we see a child sold for 400 thousand dollars, it is only reasonable that business is indeed quite promising. If we are interested enough to try a business nursery then it should we need to know the characteristics of the candidate indukan the best, well here are some things to look for when looking to buy a parent would:

Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also


Posture looks Compact with a deep and wide chest, consider a back line as well as the waist if looks straight so the goats yang  di buat untuk aqiqah surabaya murah mempunyai ciriyang sehat untuk di jadikan aqiqah murah surabaya  can be used as the parent would.
Note the posture, has great posture (bones), great posture does not mean fat, and never buy etawa goat dara in an obese because some cases we find the real hard meaty goat showed signs of estrus.

Have a straight Leg as well as his heels high enough.
Note the completeness of teeth, if the tooth is less then it’s certainly fodder for livestock forage consumption process will be tergangu, to make sure enough noticed when the prospective parent to eat grass or forage jiak looks and tastes Nice have heartily against forage the etawa goat then good, one of the traditional way to do this by looking at the most likely the jaw jaw postures in width and averages between top and bottom is the hallmark of a good goat.
The parent has a form of symmetrical swayed between left and right.

Distinctive properties:
Tame and quiet nature is one of the traits of goat embryo stem etawa is good, if it looks pretty aggressive should search for other aggressive goats are generally less well in a nursing child.

Genetic traits

Buy a prospective goat sister descendants of indukan (female-female) due to the nature of this umunya will decrease, we recommend that you avoid buying goat sister lineage of males females (freemartin).
The goat was born quite good also made a single prospective indukan as long as the birth of the young stem.

characteristics of a good parent
Physical properties (behavior) and genetically to be aware of when looking to buy a prospective parent, both on the goats. Because this is a very concerning success in cultivating etawa for production of milk or meat. The third thing that it feels is enough to be a reference in buying or selecting candidate indukan that will produce milk and meat is good. For stud etawa traits may yet we will explain because I think when this Stud good etawa goat can already be replaced with artificial insemination (artificial insemination) where the process is more practical and quality assured aqiqah sidoarjo.

the benefit of goat on aqiqah

Important to the muscle :

The benefits gymnastics aerobics
The Benefits Of Sports
the benefit of goat on aqiqah
3. Prevent Anemia

Veal is one meat that was included in the class red meat, as we all know red meat is very important to be consumed when you are experiencing anemia.

Important for anemia:

Benefits cider dates
Benefits beef

4. Increase The Immune System

You need to know that meat goats in aqiqah sidoarjo have a trace of iron is quite high, recorded per 100 grams can meet 26 % of the needs daily of the iron our bodies. The benefits of metal as we know one of them is to improve system imun body.

Important for the system imun:

Benefits vitamin B
The benefits of fruit bits

5. Source Antioksidan

Quick can ? it turns out veal is one of the sources of Selenium are big enough, the total is 38.0 mcg or 54% of needs daily. Benefits antioksidan own is one of the sources antioksidan that protect cells from damage.

Source Antioksidan

Benefits saffron
Benefits Garlic

6. Keep Health Eyes

One of the be the source of teeth meat goats for the health of eyes is the womb Riboflavin known as vitamin B2. The womb Riboflavin in 100 gr veal is 0.3 mg or 18% of needs daily.

Important to keep health eyes:

Benefits broccoli
Benefits Carrots

7. Keep Your Nervous System

The Nervous system of humans is very complex, well veal is one energy source large enough as well as having a good astringent for the nerves is vitamin B12. Her womb 4.4 mcg or 74% of the needs of daily per 100 gr consumed. Can you imagine how big the womb vitamin b12 from meat goats, it would be very good for the nervous system.

Important for nerve:

Benefits nap
Benefits vitamin E

8. Mental Health

Still related to the uterus vitamin B12 are quite high, but to keep the nerves and the function of the main to change the energy. Vitamin B12 in goat is also beneficial for mental health.

Good for mental :

Benefits soy milk
Benefits fast Monday Thursday

9. Increase HDL (Cholesterol Good)

Trace niacin (Vitamin B3) in the meat goat is an “Offender” who can increase his HDL in the blood, so you don’t have to worry too much about the fat bad in your blood. Trace niacin in 100 gr of meat goat 6.5 mg or 33% of needs daily.

Good For HDL:

The benefits of fish tuna
Benefits avocado
Benefits water coconut

10. Health Bone
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The benefits of meat goat are to the 10 is to maintain the health of bones. Saturation Phosphorus as big as 272 mg in 100 Gr veal or 27% of needs daily. Substance this is one of the substances that can maintain the strength of bones so too with health care.

Good to the bone

The benefits of walking
Benefits vinegar apple

Meat Goat Original/Healthy

According to the Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) meat goats of aqiqah surabaya are checked in klasifikasikan as a red meat similar to lamb. If you never bought lamb before, the standard same also applies to the goat. FSIS states that the veal should be pink to red,firm, flesh delicate with fat white terdistribusi.
Processing Meat Goat

When treating meat goats, do also act the same as you do with raw meat other . FSIS recommend three different ways to dilute the meat aqiqah sidoarjo : in the refrigerator , in cold water and in the microwave . If deicing veal in cold water or in the microwave, masaklah soon after deicing.

Cooking meat goat’s temperature pressurized up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. For veal roast or steak, at least cook the meat up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Will there pile the fat on meat, but this part can cut to get rid of it.
Side effects and Kontraindikasi

If you have a disease, high blood-pressure, cholesterol, and disease diabetes, it would be best if you limit the consumption of meat goat in accordance with the porsinya. Don’t consume too much because it’s very high saturation kolesterolnya, meat goat, too dangerous for you who has the disease hypertension.
Tips Consumption Of Meat Goat

Adjust with the condition of fitness your body, you better to limit the consumption of goat a maximum of 1 weeks 1 times. One meal not too much try not to more than 100 gr, unless you are sure the condition of your body is quite fit and haven’t terindikasi disease dangerous.

Buffet service for South Petukangan Aqiqah in jakarta

Salamah Aqiqah gives surprise, namely the buffet service. As a provider of complete Akikah Package and best, Aqiqah surabaya bangkalan give the best for the father of the mother of all. Salamah Aqiqah view with buffet all can entertain Mother Father brother, contamination free, relatives and other distinguished guests. This is the breakthrough effort aqiqah sidoarjo which remain based on the provisions of the Shariah.

Buffet service for South Petukangan Aqiqah in jakarta
Salamah Aqiqah provides a menu-based goats with different combinations. In our buffet packages, there is a buffet of buffets and gubukan. The menu made from goat served in a buffet. There are a variety of delicious menu that can be enjoyed by guests in attendance.

May be mentioned here, the menu terhidang at the buffet in between white rice, Coconut Curry goat, goat Satay. Other dishes of Sweet/Sour chicken snapper rica-rica, capcay seafood/seafood broccoli. There is also a prawn crackers. Terhidang also on the buffet of fruit, melon, watermelon pudding. There is a soft drink/juice and drinking water.

For menu gubukan Salamah Aqiqah provides three gubukan. There are unfortunate bakwan gubukan/mie bakso (meatballs). There are gubukan dumplings. There are gubukan ice cream. Each gubukan is provided for 100 servings.

When the father of the mother of all hold investigations before receiving guests. Those present can be provided when rice returned home with cribs. Salamah Aqiqah also provides 50 rice box.

Equipment and the waitress who served in buffet Father Mother all already prepared. All is included in the price of the buffet package or Package Akikah C.

When the father of the mother of all was about to order the buffet package, please contact all Mother Father Salamah Aqiqah. Inshallah Salamah Aqiqah surabaya give my best to all of Mother Father aqiqah event.

The system of franchising is said to have existed since the tens even hundreds of years ago. One of the companies that became the pioneers of this system is the company making sewing machines that areable to use the franchise system by allowing other companies undertook to sell sewing machines fromthe company. It’s just that the trading system remained, should have some special rules that oblige the company partners also sell artificial machines from the first party with a brand that is not modified by the company’s partners. About the advantages of the offer, the first party will benefit from the sale ofsuch machines.

Due to the success of a franchise system that year, finally some fast food companies ever followed thesewing machine company became the pioneers of the franchise system and eventually became one of the great success up to now. Although originally only developing in some Western countries only, but is now a franchise system has been known almost in all parts of the world following the whole terms and also benefits offered from the system. In Indonesia alone, it has been very much a franchisecompany successfully developed its business, whether it’s a company that offers food products as wellas companies that sell a wide range of finished products and transportation equipment such as cars and motorcycles.


Both the practice of worship, this is among the noble and important in Islam because very large fadhilatnya, but unfortunately still many people who are vague or fuzzy understanding menerka about it, so much so that some have downplayed even have ability but don’t want to do and this slaughter qorban aqiqah. Hopefully with a little explanation will help understanding we all about worship and Qurban Aqiqah and desire to find the reward of this second, aqiqah bangkalan.

What is actually the qurban aqiqah and? What does the law do it? How many times have we claimed a lifetime we do qurban? What are the conditions of animals sacrificed? What is the difference between qurban aqiqah and? Can a cow share some to qurban aqiqah and sebahaian to? What is the wisdom or benefits to be obtained because doing both worship it?

Thus between problems that will try we peel and perjelaskan this line and in addition will be explained a few things related to worship and kurban, hopefully educating aqiqah clear until we get the full appreciation of faith because with the commandments God and get the virtues of practice we will do this.


Slaughter qurban qurban is performed on Hari Raya Haji (after ‘ Idil Adhha) and Tasyriq days, i.e., 11, 12 and 16 Zulhijjah as worship to God, IE as a turn on the ideals of Prophet Abraham which is then disyariatkan to Muhammad.

God’s word which means:

“And had we made camel-camel is part of syi’ar God, you gain a lot of benefit from it, then the heart the name of Allah when you slaughter in the event stand (and was tied). Then when you have collapsed (die), then eat partly and give those who were willing to eat with what’s on it (that does not beg) and people who ask. Thus we have subdue a camel-camel is to you, hopefully you might be grateful. ” (surah al-Haj: 36)

“Then your Lord and establish prayer as berqurbanlah.” (Surah al-Kawthar: 2)

From A’ishah r. a. Muhammad has said which means: “there is a practice done by humans on Eid al-Adha, which is more loved of God apart from the sacrificial ritual of slaughtering animals. Indeed, animals that on the day of the sacrificial ritual resurrection will come together with tanduk-tanduknya, bulu-bulunya and kuku-kukunya, and indeed before it touches the ground blood qurban, it (the generous) was accepted or not God, then you all with beruntunglah (reward) the sacrificial ritual. ” (Narrated by al-Tarmuzi, Ibn Majah and al-Hakim)

Zaid bin Arqam said: “they have been asking, o Uncle, what are the Udhhiyah (Qurban)? Muhammad replied: “it is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim.” They ask again: what is it to us? The Prophet’s answer: “With every strands of hairs one goodness.” They asked: “then fine hairs turn? Muhammad s.a.w which means “With every strands of fine wool that’s good.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah)


It Muakkad Sunnat (Sunnat who amplified) upon those who meet the following conditions:


Independent (non-slave)

Puberty again understanding;

Able to berqurban

Muhammad’s saying which means:

“I asked berqurban and it sunnat for you.” (Narrated by al-Turmuzi).

“Was obliged to ku qurban and not compulsory for you.” (Narrated By Daruqutni)

Although the sunnat berqurban law but it can be turned into a compulsory if dinazarkan. Muhammad’s saying which means: “he who vowed to commit to obey God, he did it.” (Please refer to: Fiqh al-Sunnah)


Animal diqurbankan of types of camel, cow or buffalo, goats and a common two-year old, if the sheep had aged one year or have dropped their teeth after six months although has not quite one year.

The beast required is not flawed, not blind side or both, his feet not GIMP, not too skinny, not terpotong of the tongue, not pregnant or new birth, not diseased or berkudis. The animal to be slaughtered must be healthy so we love him.

Time for slaughter after rising sun on Hari Raya Haji and after completion of the prayer ‘ Id and two short sermons, but afdhalnya is when the sun rises on Hari Raya segalah Hhaji up to three days sesuadah Hari Raya Haji (Tastriq days which are 11, 12 and 16 Zulhijjah)

the law of the new born baby aqiqah

Assalamu’alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh.

Ustad, if boys how many kambingnya? because in the jurisprudence of the sunnah Prophet mengaqiqohi his grandson one. true, one or two? jasa aqiqah Surabaya

Wa’alaikumussalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh answers:

Afdholnya, diaqiqohi boys with two goats. It is based on a Hadith Al-tirmidhi narrated here; from Siba ‘ bin Thabit that Muhammad Ibn Thabit bin Siba ‘ preach to him that Umm Kurz preached to him, that he never asked the Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi wasallam about aqiqoh. The Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi wasallam then replied: “two goats for boys and one for girls, tail. And there is no problem for you guys if the male or female goat. ” (H.R. Al-Tirmidhi)

Other history resonate At-tirmidhi reads; from Yusuf Ibn Mahak That they ever enter find Hafsa Bint ‘ Abdurrahman, they asked him about the legal aqiqoh. Then Hafsa preach that ‘ Aisha never told him, that the Messenger of Allaah ‘ alaihi wasallam ordered his companions to slaughter two goats are equivalent for boys and one for girls, tails. ” (H.R. Al-Tirmidhi)

Also narrated by Abu Dawood a Hadith which is the same thing as follows: from ‘ Amr Ibn Shuaib from his father from his grandfather, I’m told, he said; The Prophet was asked about the aqiqah, then he said: “God does not love the tindakkan of sin.” It looks like he didn’t like the name. And he said: “whoever the Cubs have been born and he wanted to kill for him then he should kill the boy for two goats are equivalent and for older women one tail of the goat.” (H.R. Abu Dawood)

All history-history above shows that his most afdhol prayer diaqiqohi boys with slaughter two goats. But if it turns out that the treasure is not enough to buy two goats, so capable is just buying one goat, then mengaqiqohi baby males with one kambingr not why and it was legitimate.

Evidence that demonstrates the validity of the mengaqiqohi son with one goat is the following Hadith;
From Muhammad Ibn Sirin said, have told us bin Salman Amir Adl Dlabbi he said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah said:” on the sons ‘ aqiqoh, then potongkanlah aqiqoh and dispose of animals as impurities from it. ” (H.R. Bukhari)

Aqiqoh resonate in the Hadith above, although it could be understood as isim type, but because in the other there is history resonate berbunyi’Aqiqotain (two aqiqoh), then there are some scholars who understand the history above as evidence that the baby may diaqiqohi man with a goat.

Evidence that other more straightforward is the Hadith narrated by Abu Dawood here; Abdullah bin Buraidah said; I heard my dad IE Buraidah said; First we were at the time a person dies when one of our terlahirkan among her son’s hence he slaughtered a goat and Anoints his head with his blood. Then when God comes bring Islam so we slaughtered a goat and shaved off her hair and melumurinya with za’faran. (H.R. Abu Dawood)

Resonate “we slaughter a goat” shows that the slain as aqiqoh for a boy is a goat, and it’s been insufficient because practiced by the companions of the Prophet himself. never narrated mengaqiqohi Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn, each with one RAM. The Act also strengthens the Messenger that men can be diaqiqohi with a goat and it was enough.

Abu Dawood narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet peace be upon him, killing the aqiqah to Al Hasan and Husayn Al one lamb, one of the sheep. (H.R. Abu Dawood)

Imam Malik in fact argue mengaqiqohi baby boy and his women are not distinguished, i.e. one goat upon the Hadith the Prophet aqiqoh against Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn. But the majority of scholars ‘ undermine this opinion, based on the Hadith-Sahih that explains that the aqiqoh male afdholnya with two goats. aqiqah surabaya.

Ibn Hajar also mentions other resonate from the Hadith describing the Prophet aqiqoh against Al-Hasan and Al-Husayn, who explained that he mengaqiqohi with two goats instead of one goat. On this basis, mengaqiqohi baby afdholnya is a man with two goats. If mengaqiqohi with a goat, then remain valid even though under the afdhol prayer. Aqiqah Sidoarjo Wallahua’lam.

Law of Qurban | Sacrifice

Law of Sacrifice  Sacrifice is really a law applying circumcision ‘ain muakkad, namely circumcision is extremely suggested for people. The Sacrifice arguments are:”So establish regular prayer for the The almighty and berQurbanlah “(QS. Al-Kausar: 2)

Clarified using the explanation of Imam Muslim read from Anas, he stated:

“Prophet Muhammad has berqurban to slaughter two goat’s and horned kibas pure whitened. He slaughtered creatures Sacrifice it together with his own hands. He read basmalah and bertakbir, he then put his feet on the top from the ribs Sacrifice. ”

Terms of Qurban | Terms Sacrifice

Relation to Qurban  Terms Sacrifice is split into two parts, the conditions and terms illegal circumcision. Particulars from the explanation is the following:

For the advantages of circumcision is the following:

1. Able. Sacrifice circumcised for that Muslims who’re able, that’s, individuals who are able to manage to buy animal sacrifices. Despite the fact that based on the madhhab Hanabilah with animal sacrifices in purchasing debt just in case he could spend the money for debt then categorized in a position to berqurban.

2. Merdeka. Sacrifice isn’t sunnah for bondsmen.

While Syahnya Sacrifice Terms are the following:

1. Animal Sacrifice isn’t disabled (no blind, no limp, no discomfort making the meat thin and damaged, not stop his ears, no tail consider of birth etc).

2. Age, ie, under twelve months whenever a sheep Sacrifice (kibas) and have the date of his front teeth with tooth condition after reaching age six alongside goat’s bulan.Sementara two-year-old bean, cow / zoysia and camels have two-year-old satisfied 5 years.

3. Sacrifice carried out in a predetermined time, ie following the Eid prayer until three days following the prayer of Eid al-Adha (your day Tasyriq).