Buffet service for South Petukangan Aqiqah in jakarta

Salamah Aqiqah gives surprise, namely the buffet service. As a provider of complete Akikah Package and best, Aqiqah surabaya bangkalan give the best for the father of the mother of all. Salamah Aqiqah view with buffet all can entertain Mother Father brother, contamination free, relatives and other distinguished guests. This is the breakthrough effort aqiqah sidoarjo which remain based on the provisions of the Shariah.

Buffet service for South Petukangan Aqiqah in jakarta
Salamah Aqiqah provides a menu-based goats with different combinations. In our buffet packages, there is a buffet of buffets and gubukan. The menu made from goat served in a buffet. There are a variety of delicious menu that can be enjoyed by guests in attendance.

May be mentioned here, the menu terhidang at the buffet in between white rice, Coconut Curry goat, goat Satay. Other dishes of Sweet/Sour chicken snapper rica-rica, capcay seafood/seafood broccoli. There is also a prawn crackers. Terhidang also on the buffet of fruit, melon, watermelon pudding. There is a soft drink/juice and drinking water.

For menu gubukan Salamah Aqiqah provides three gubukan. There are unfortunate bakwan gubukan/mie bakso (meatballs). There are gubukan dumplings. There are gubukan ice cream. Each gubukan is provided for 100 servings.

When the father of the mother of all hold investigations before receiving guests. Those present can be provided when rice returned home with cribs. Salamah Aqiqah also provides 50 rice box.

Equipment and the waitress who served in buffet Father Mother all already prepared. All is included in the price of the buffet package or Package Akikah C.

When the father of the mother of all was about to order the buffet package, please contact all Mother Father Salamah Aqiqah. Inshallah Salamah Aqiqah surabaya give my best to all of Mother Father aqiqah event.

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