Aqiqah is slaughtering animals baby hair shave on the day, and the worship disyari’atkan by God through the Prophet Muhammad in his saying every child born was maintained Aqiqahnya slaughtered for him on the seventh day (from the day of his birth), shaved and given the name (Abu Dawud, alTurmudzi and Ibn Majah).

Further explained: Prophet ordered the companions to slaughter Aqiqah for boy 2 (two) goats and girls the same age a goat“. (HR. AlTurmudzi)

Aqiqah So important, it is generally legal scholars expressed Aqiqah is sunnah muakkad, the sunnah is very overlooked

This is a form of love, hope and prayers of the parents terhadapanaknya to be a pious child / sholehah and of course survive in this world and in the hereafter. That Islam teaches us about compassion for our baby.

The Purpose

  • Turning the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad implement Aqiqah and pass it to the people who need
  • A relationship of love and brotherhood and concern among
  • Increase revenue and ranchers kesehjteraan
  • Help develop goat sheep farm in Indonesia


In the social aspect, worship Aqiqah can establish brotherhood on others when each goat is slaughtered and cooked, and cooking distributed to communities dispossessed (poor), especially if the pengadaanyanyapun involving small farmers who are ready menyediahkan Aqiqah animal yet again when the results of management Aqiqah returned to the people dispossessed (orphans) in the form of another.