Terms of Qurban | Terms Sacrifice

Relation to Qurban  Terms Sacrifice is split into two parts, the conditions and terms illegal circumcision. Particulars from the explanation is the following:

For the advantages of circumcision is the following:

1. Able. Sacrifice circumcised for that Muslims who’re able, that’s, individuals who are able to manage to buy animal sacrifices. Despite the fact that based on the madhhab Hanabilah with animal sacrifices in purchasing debt just in case he could spend the money for debt then categorized in a position to berqurban.

2. Merdeka. Sacrifice isn’t sunnah for bondsmen.

While Syahnya Sacrifice Terms are the following:

1. Animal Sacrifice isn’t disabled (no blind, no limp, no discomfort making the meat thin and damaged, not stop his ears, no tail consider of birth etc).

2. Age, ie, under twelve months whenever a sheep Sacrifice (kibas) and have the date of his front teeth with tooth condition after reaching age six alongside goat’s bulan.Sementara two-year-old bean, cow / zoysia and camels have two-year-old satisfied 5 years.

3. Sacrifice carried out in a predetermined time, ie following the Eid prayer until three days following the prayer of Eid al-Adha (your day Tasyriq).

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