the benefit of goat on aqiqah

Important to the muscle :

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the benefit of goat on aqiqah
3. Prevent Anemia

Veal is one meat that was included in the class red meat, as we all know red meat is very important to be consumed when you are experiencing anemia.

Important for anemia:

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4. Increase The Immune System

You need to know that meat goats in aqiqah sidoarjo have a trace of iron is quite high, recorded per 100 grams can meet 26 % of the needs daily of the iron our bodies. The benefits of metal as we know one of them is to improve system imun body.

Important for the system imun:

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5. Source Antioksidan

Quick can ? it turns out veal is one of the sources of Selenium are big enough, the total is 38.0 mcg or 54% of needs daily. Benefits antioksidan own is one of the sources antioksidan that protect cells from damage.

Source Antioksidan

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6. Keep Health Eyes

One of the be the source of teeth meat goats for the health of eyes is the womb Riboflavin known as vitamin B2. The womb Riboflavin in 100 gr veal is 0.3 mg or 18% of needs daily.

Important to keep health eyes:

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7. Keep Your Nervous System

The Nervous system of humans is very complex, well veal is one energy source large enough as well as having a good astringent for the nerves is vitamin B12. Her womb 4.4 mcg or 74% of the needs of daily per 100 gr consumed. Can you imagine how big the womb vitamin b12 from meat goats, it would be very good for the nervous system.

Important for nerve:

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8. Mental Health

Still related to the uterus vitamin B12 are quite high, but to keep the nerves and the function of the main to change the energy. Vitamin B12 in goat is also beneficial for mental health.

Good for mental :

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9. Increase HDL (Cholesterol Good)

Trace niacin (Vitamin B3) in the meat goat is an “Offender” who can increase his HDL in the blood, so you don’t have to worry too much about the fat bad in your blood. Trace niacin in 100 gr of meat goat 6.5 mg or 33% of needs daily.

Good For HDL:

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10. Health Bone
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The benefits of meat goat are to the 10 is to maintain the health of bones. Saturation Phosphorus as big as 272 mg in 100 Gr veal or 27% of needs daily. Substance this is one of the substances that can maintain the strength of bones so too with health care.

Good to the bone

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Meat Goat Original/Healthy

According to the Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) meat goats of aqiqah surabaya are checked in klasifikasikan as a red meat similar to lamb. If you never bought lamb before, the standard same also applies to the goat. FSIS states that the veal should be pink to red,firm, flesh delicate with fat white terdistribusi.
Processing Meat Goat

When treating meat goats, do also act the same as you do with raw meat other . FSIS recommend three different ways to dilute the meat aqiqah sidoarjo : in the refrigerator , in cold water and in the microwave . If deicing veal in cold water or in the microwave, masaklah soon after deicing.

Cooking meat goat’s temperature pressurized up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. For veal roast or steak, at least cook the meat up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Will there pile the fat on meat, but this part can cut to get rid of it.
Side effects and Kontraindikasi

If you have a disease, high blood-pressure, cholesterol, and disease diabetes, it would be best if you limit the consumption of meat goat in accordance with the porsinya. Don’t consume too much because it’s very high saturation kolesterolnya, meat goat, too dangerous for you who has the disease hypertension.
Tips Consumption Of Meat Goat

Adjust with the condition of fitness your body, you better to limit the consumption of goat a maximum of 1 weeks 1 times. One meal not too much try not to more than 100 gr, unless you are sure the condition of your body is quite fit and haven’t terindikasi disease dangerous.

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