Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also

One of the businesses that are quite interesting in etawa goat livestock farming is a business nursery, this goat is capable of producing child 2 times a year. The price of seeds is also quite costly especially for peranakan etawa, in livestock markets in the city I am so ordinary we see a child sold for 400 thousand dollars, it is only reasonable that business is indeed quite promising. If we are interested enough to try a business nursery then it should we need to know the characteristics of the candidate indukan the best, well here are some things to look for when looking to buy a parent would:

Traits of a good Indukan Etawa Goat a choice for aqiqah also


Posture looks Compact with a deep and wide chest, consider a back line as well as the waist if looks straight so the goats yang  di buat untuk aqiqah surabaya murah mempunyai ciriyang sehat untuk di jadikan aqiqah murah surabaya  can be used as the parent would.
Note the posture, has great posture (bones), great posture does not mean fat, and never buy etawa goat dara in an obese because some cases we find the real hard meaty goat showed signs of estrus.

Have a straight Leg as well as his heels high enough.
Note the completeness of teeth, if the tooth is less then it’s certainly fodder for livestock forage consumption process will be tergangu, to make sure enough noticed when the prospective parent to eat grass or forage jiak looks and tastes Nice have heartily against forage the etawa goat then good, one of the traditional way to do this by looking at the most likely the jaw jaw postures in width and averages between top and bottom is the hallmark of a good goat.
The parent has a form of symmetrical swayed between left and right.

Distinctive properties:
Tame and quiet nature is one of the traits of goat embryo stem etawa is good, if it looks pretty aggressive should search for other aggressive goats are generally less well in a nursing child.

Genetic traits

Buy a prospective goat sister descendants of indukan (female-female) due to the nature of this umunya will decrease, we recommend that you avoid buying goat sister lineage of males females (freemartin).
The goat was born quite good also made a single prospective indukan as long as the birth of the young stem.

characteristics of a good parent
Physical properties (behavior) and genetically to be aware of when looking to buy a prospective parent, both on the goats. Because this is a very concerning success in cultivating etawa for production of milk or meat. The third thing that it feels is enough to be a reference in buying or selecting candidate indukan that will produce milk and meat is good. For stud etawa traits may yet we will explain because I think when this Stud good etawa goat can already be replaced with artificial insemination (artificial insemination) where the process is more practical and quality assured aqiqah sidoarjo.

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